Raptor DVA Decks

Raptor HD QUAD2

  • Compact 4-Camera System
  • 24V DC-Powered
  • VFX Tools
  • Optional 4TB SSD available
  • New 2TB SSD (Optional 4TB SSD) for increased reliability even in sub-freezing conditions

  • Low-Latency VFX OUT via one of the Raptor’s standard HD-SDI outputs

  • Use SDI embedded audio or balanced audio via built in near-panel XLR connectors

  • Control legacy Videohubs (via USB) or new Smart Video Hubs via ethernet with multiple presets

  • All footage recorded is immediately available to computers you allow to connect to your LAN

  • Great Customer Support

    Talk directly to the hardware and software development team and get lifetime software updates




Raptor HD DUAL2



Raptor Dual 2 has all the specs of HD QUAD 2 but with

  • Compact 2-Camera System instead of 4-camera
  • 12V DC-Powered instead of 24V



Contact Jennifer Glezer, Senior Sales Coordinator, at jennifer@playbacktech.com.
(All sales domestic and international are factory direct and COD through our offices in Burbank, CA.)